Sunday, January 23, 2011

new site.

so i've been wanting a "new start" for a blog. i know i just started this one, but i haven't been completely thrilled with how i can make it look. no matter how i work with it, it looks so "bloggy", if that even makes sense. since i'm not tech-savvy, i wanted somewhere else that was easier to make a blog look how i want to i've switched to word press. click below for my new blog!

i found word press to be easier to use and design what you want. happy reading!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

i'm back.

alright, i'm back. at least i'll try to be back. i'm reading this book called cold tangerines by shauna niequist and it's fabulous. its a collection of short essays written by the author about everyday life experiences that she has had. it's nothing life changing and i haven't felt like i've read anything that has been completely life changing. but it's an incredibly refreshing book, reading about normal life experiences and seeing how essential it is to embrace those moments and live for those. it is an extremely honest and truthful book. you should read it.

i struggle a lot with waiting for that next big event in my life or waiting for that one thing that will make everything better. deep down i know this is not how life works. i want to be happy in the moment. in this day that God has given me. and when i have my eyes on Him, i am happy and i am peaceful. when i don't, i'm anxious and fearful.

so today i am thankful for so much. i'm thankful for my health, minus my sore, bruised knees from my futile attempts at snowboarding yesterday! i'm thankful for the time i've had so far in cincinnati with jordan and for how our relationship has grown since we've been here. and i'm thankful that God always welcomes me back with open arms when i've been focusing too much on me, myself and i. it's a good feeling to fall back into His arms full of grace and love.