Tuesday, December 14, 2010

creature of habit.

i'm totally a creature of habit. i like tradition, i like to go to familiar restaurants and vacation places. i enjoy watching the same movies over and over again. i love home. i have a hard time moving new places, would rather go to a restaurant i've been before (to get my favorite dish haha) and don't have a problem watching harry potter for the bazillionth time. part of the reason why i'm like this is because i struggle with change which makes life rough sometimes, but i enjoy the memories and warm, fuzzy feelings associated with the things i like and am used to. it's not that i don't want to try new things or go new places (ok, sometimes this is true), i jut enjoy having memories behing everything in my life. i love remembering all the times i've had in hilton head with my family. i don't want my parents to sell our house because that's where we all grew up together, it feels like leaving something behind.

liking tradition is one thing (and not a bad thing), but holding on too tightly is another. yes, i love the things in my life that remind me of the incredible family and friends i have and all the memories throughout the years. but i forget too easily that there are so many more memories to be made and things to be remembered. i get scared that my future isn't going to be as filled with great family, friends and memories that my past has been filled with and then i remind myself how silly this is and how big the God i serve truly is! i have no clue how i'm going to buy a house someday, be able to afford kids let alone take awesome family vacations, but i'm glad that that's all taken care of. i don't need to worry about it and that's a good feeling. will i still worry about it? yes. but at least i can start reminding myself to remember why i don't need to.

Friday, December 10, 2010

first quarter done!

so jordan is through one quarter of grad school! i can't believe it's done already, it really seems like he just started. but at other times it seems like it's been forever because of the constant workload he ALWAYS has and not being able to do much. i have been in the architecture world for long enough to know that grad school was not going to be a walk in the park. obviously it was worse for him than me, but it's still challenging. it definitely makes me appreciate more when we actually can do things together and appreciate the little things, even when he typically is working every night of the week. here's a top ten list of things i've learned being an outsider to the world of architecture through the years (i've decided to be a little creative this post!):

10. don't ask how much longer they have to work on a project. if they give an answer of 2 hours, it probably means 4 or 5 more hours of work. i think they like to be optimistic, but 90% of the time they don't get done in the amount of time they think they will. (i still ask J this question though...ha)

9. unless my future kids do not sleep when they are babies, i don't think i can comprehend the sense of pure exhaustion arch students feel when pulling 2 all nighters in a row and then having to give a review about their project right after. on no sleep.

8. i don't think you can be an architecture student (ungrad or graduate) and NOT like coffee. or some sort of caffeinated beverage.

7. no matter how early a project is started, it seems like it's never early enough and there is always some anxiety on how it's going to get done.

6. designing anything takes immense amounts of time. i no longer have the attitude of "oh, it's just a drawing (or model), you can whip it up quickly." that doesn't happen.

5. even though i don't quite understand it all, i've developed recently a huge appreciate for design in general, how it affects, influences and enhances the world around us, thanks to jordan.

4. you have to be an extremely passionate and dedicated person to pursue this field. i definitely see that in jordan and i love that. i think that spills into other areas of their lives as well.

3. i'm amazed at the vast amount of options you have to choose from in art stores. who knew there were 2837 different kinds of paints and paint brushes to choose from? i don't even know what half the stuff in those stores do. i wish i do though, they are pretty neat places!

2. i am fascinated by the creativity and artistic abilities that j has. it's amazing to me when he explains his projects to me (i try my best to understand) and know that he created it all himself.

1. apart from me being completely artistically challenged, i could never be in this field. it takes a special type of person to do it, and i'm not that special!