Wednesday, November 17, 2010


whoops. it's been a while. you would think since all i do during the day is take care of the world's cutest baby, that i would write in here more often...but sadly, that's not the case. i doubt anyone is dyiiiing to read a blog update by megan though!

i'm looooving cincinnati right now. and being in the moment and feeling a lot of PEACE about where i'm at and not freaking out thinking about the future, a different job, you know...typical things that are usually always overtaking my mind and stressing me out. perhaps it is some of the holiday spirit settling in, but i have just felt overwhelmingly blessing and thankful the past few weeks as thankful for my family, friends, jordan, making awesome memories with all these people, having the best home to go home to, and on and on.

if i let myself, i will think "some people my age have a house, kids, 401K plans, etc..." and i'm like AH! i'm never going to get there or catch up, i'm so behind. but then i remember the God i serve. who WILL provide these things when it is my time. and i have found a lot of peace in enjoying the freedom i do have right now not having these things yet. of course i'm looking forward to all those things (well maybe not having a mortgage, which is tricky to spell btw) and for those who are to that point in their lives, that's GREAT! but i'm not there yet...and i'm ok with that. i have always been one to compare myself to everyone around me and always (i mean always) comparing myself to wherever they are or whatever they look like or are wearing and i'm sick of that. it's not productive, and there is no benefit in doing that for me.

so anyways, i'm in a good place. and i'm happy about that. and i'm looking forward to harry potter this weekend, spending a week at home, turkey, poppyseed rolls, the lewis family, going to church, everett and starbucks date with morgan! and some shopping in there too!

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  1. take your time my dear. it feels so much better when you do. plus, you have all of those amazing things to look forward to - no rush, just enjoy!