Monday, June 14, 2010


lots of things have happened the past couple of weeks! this past weekend was tay's graduation party and it was SO fun! my family from michigan and chicago all came and we had a BLAST. granted it was miserably hot and humid during the party...but aside from that it was perfect. baby adeline was here and we got to spend some time with her, most of have not seen her since she was itty bitty. i loooove babies!!! KIND of makes me want one...but not quite there yet. gotta get something first before i can think about that ;)

i have decided to move to cincinnati this fall (early september) regardless of if i have a job or not. i have been going back and forth with this and it has been a major stressor in my life. but i decided that i just can't move back home and get stuck there. cincinnati is where i want to be and if i have to get a job at starbucks until i find a job as a dietitian, i'm going to do it. i was freaking out about making this decision and asked God after i decided to move that a teeny tiny affirmation that this is OK for me to do, that He is still behind me in this move, would be MUCH appreciated. and i got it!!! i wrote on my facebook wall i was looking for a roommate and literally THAT night a girl i knew from miami wrote back and said she was looking for someone too! i met her through crusades and she's really nice. she was freaking out too about finding a roommate. THEN last night, she got forwarded an email from a friend that was from my bible study leader who had emailed a bunch of people asking around for a roommate for me. how crazy is that?? so i said, ok God. not that i didn't trust Him before, it was just nice to know i'm doing ok.

so my dear friend colby sent me this book called practical theology for women: how knowing God makes a difference in our daily lives by wendy horger alsup. it is EXCELLENT. you should get it and read it. i found it for $10 online (shipping included) if you want to buy it, lemme know and i'll give you the website!

"we have God's precious promise that He's going to work the hard things in our lives for our good, and part of that good is that we will be changed more and more to reflect Christ's character and glory. the trials and struggles we experience are like the refiner's fire under a pot of gold. the heat brings the impurities to the top to be scraped off by the refiner, leaving the gold in a purer form." pg 36

this is what i hope He's doing with me during this season i am in....

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  1. wow, what a great reminder. I might need to read this book!
    so glad that things are coming together and you are headed to Cinci :) I'll keep your job in my prayers!