Monday, May 31, 2010

good weekend.

this weekend was perrrfect. jordan came up friday and i made a delicious dinner (well, i thought so, i don't know about J & john!)... here's the link for the dinner i made i love beans and i love cheese, so it was perfect for me! we got up early-ish saturday and drove to the st joseph/benton harbor area where jordan's uncle ernie and aunt julie live. i was not expecting how beautiful it was on the lake! i felt almost like i was in one of the carolinas! i told jordan, is it bad that i didn't know a place like this existed in michigan? haha. most of what i know of MI is detroit, and i don't like detroit :) we ate some delicious food and gelato and walked along the beach. so pretty!

we went to church sunday morning and met one of the oldest female graduates of Miami randomly, class of 1936! how crazy is that?! she was an adorable little old lady. ernie and julie took us then to a little bakery/restaurant near the park we were camping at and i got the most incredible cake cakes i have EVER tasted in my entire life. they were amazing. J and i headed to warren dunes state park afterwards and set up camp! in our tent finally! it was blazing hot, but we hung out at the beach all day (used half a bottle of sunscreen!), ate hotdogs & marshmellows over the fire, climbed sand dunes, played bocce ball and walked on the beach to watch the sunset. it was perfect.

we headed home this morning and a shower never felt so good! i'm not a super foo-fooey girl, BUT i do like my showers. and it was hard to get used to the nasty hole-in-the-ground toilets. eek. but i do love camping. and hopefully will be able to do it for longer periods of time this fall! jordan just left...super ready for a little direction here and some clue as to when this long distance crap can end. glad that this is a four day work week and i get to go home this weekend.

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  1. love that you used the words "foo-fooey" in your post..and also that you love camping and had such a good weekend :)