Tuesday, April 6, 2010

poor trees

so i when i was running yesterday, i ran my typical 4 mile route and ran by this house that was cutting down a perfectly healthy, rather large tree!! i get upset when people cut down trees for no apparent reason. (granted maybe there WAS a reason, i just don't know it) so toooday when i ran the same route, they were cutting down the same tree on the opposite side of the house!! ahh!! i wanted to run up and ask what the heck are you doing?! maybe i sound like a major tree hugger, buuuut this really makes me angry! i put up a fuss when my parents cut down a tree in our front yard. i put up a fuss whenever my parents change anything from when i was a kid though (new refrigerator, new couches, etc. i know weird...)

anyways, i guess my post has no real point. but i do think God had a TON of fun creating nature and animals. seriously, how cool of a job does He have? He got to do whatever He wanted! Sure, humans are pretty, but not too much to play around with. but with flowers, plants, animals, He got to do whatever He wanted. i think God most likely has a big sense of humor :) see below!

i don't even know what this top animal is!

porcupines, how funny!

i didn't mean God didn't have fun creating us haha i just think He probably had so much fun creating all these creatures around us! can i get a hoorah for this amazing 80 degree weather we've had recently?! i love it.

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