Wednesday, May 19, 2010

wedding this weekend!

this weekend is nick and beth's wedding (nick is jordan's college roommate, beth is my good friend too!) in oxford and i couldn't be MORE excited!!! i'm so happy to be a part of this whole process for them and it's just going to be so amazing to see them get married on saturday. they are the first in our little miami group to get hitched. so weird, but so so good. i love them both! and they are just perfect together. colby and addy will be there too, it's about dang time we are reunited. i am taking off friday and J and i are driving down friday morning. can't WAIT! i love weddings! can't wait until its my turn :)

still sort of stressing out about the whole job/cincinnati thing. found out today my friend who i want to live with down there has to sign her renewed lease by june 1st or her rent goes up. and i just can't commit until i have a job since i have no money. so looks like i won't be living with her. which sucks. obviously i won't have a job lined up by june 1st. got some semi-good news from cinci though- the last job i applied for in feb there had a status of "route" for my online application forrrever, and apparently that means it i got passed the first round, and someone was looking at my application, i just didn't get picked for an interview. that's a start i suppose.

so please say a prayer something comes up. i know it will happen in His timing, but i hate this feeling like i'm never going to get out of this place that i've been stuck in since november. and that i'm never going to be in the same place as J.

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  1. good luck with the job search! if you do end up in cincy and need some help finding somewhere to live, i know a handful of single girls in the area who i can put you in contact with!