Wednesday, May 5, 2010


well i was informed by my oh so caring boyfriend that i never use the word "bandwagon" correctly haha apparently that is not how you use it in the last post i had. i'm just going to stop using it all together because i feel stupid when i use it and he corrects me (which is every time i try to say it!) oh bother....

i moved to michigan last weekend. our house is really nice but needed a lot of cleaning. so i spent allll day monday scrubbing blinds, washing windows and scrubbing kitchen cabinets. i felt very domestic. it's kind of weird to me that i am going to have a boy roommate for the first time and it's not my husband, but i suppose it will be very vague practice in having a male roommate before i get married haha. jordan stayed all weekend helping me unpack, run errands, grocery shop, and he deserves one thousand gold stars for putting up with me yet again during a move. i am not the most pleasant person when i don't know where i am, how to get places, etc. he left sunday night and it was one of the hardest byes thus far...i hate being somewhere i am so disoriented to. and i live in a fairly safe area...however it's no troy. we did get to babysit the fam i watch in birmingham...sophie has grown SO much and took to me right away! yay! makenna kept trying to put pink lip gloss on cute :) it was cute to see J play with the girls too!

i'm looking forward to the weekend to see baby sister go to her LAST prom (weird!) in her beautiful dress and have a fam cookout for tay's birthday and mother's day. i miss charlie too!! i'm so glad i'm only moving to cincinnati in august...i am too much of a homebody to be so far away from home. ha. that's all for now!

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