Monday, September 20, 2010

first day!

today was my first day nannying and it went so well! megan (the mom) stayed home with me today so i could learn adele's schedule a little bit more, so basically i just hung out with her all day and got to know her a little bit more. and she is hilarious, i love her! i got to hold and feed baby adele today too and she is just the cutest little thing ever. she was all smiles and laughs the whole time. the only thing is that she projectile vomits. a lot...which is gross, but i'll take baby barf over a screaming baby any day. megan drove me around the mt lookout area where they live and over to hyde park which is a great area! i was able to write down numbers of different apartments that were listed on signs in front keep your fingers crossed, i'm hoping to find a nice place in that area so i can walk places!

i'm feeling so much better about being here and the decision to move. finally really feeling hopeful about things. this family i'm nannying for has a lot to do with it, they are such a blessing. i also met a nurse practitioner who works in a neurology department at children's-exactly where i want to be! not that i'm looking for a job yet, i really want to focus on nannying for the time being and committing to this family for a while before i look elsewhere for a job. i feel like this blog is boring...hopefully i'll have some more adventures now that i'm in a new city.

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  1. but I was glad to hear the first day went so well :)