Sunday, September 19, 2010


well i made it to cincinnati, i guess kentucky to be more specific. i met with a few apartment complexes on friday with not much luck. one was so-so, they other was yucky. i spent a little bit of time with the family i am nannying with and they showed me the house, where everything was, etc. the mom is taking monday off to spend with me to learn adele's schedule which will be good. she also offered to drive me around to look for apartments. they are so great! still stressing out a bit about finding a decent place that i can afford...trying to be patient.

i went to church today with brent (jordan's roommate) and met his girlfriend, elizabeth, and her parents. i was talking to elizabeth's mom who happens to be a nurse practitioner at cincinnati children's hospital!! she was telling me she works with spinal tubular defects (i think?) and she works with dietitians who do the ketogenic diet...and i said, that's EXACTLY what i want to do!!! i was telling her about my experience in detroit and how i love working with the neurology population. i'm hoping to follow up with her and maybe something will come of this down the road! she was going to find out who does the hiring in the nutrition department so hopefully i can send my resume directly to someone. pray please!

so anyways, God has already managed to surprise me and i've only been her a few days. i don't know why i'm so surprised, or why i freak out so much because He really does provide in every way possible...even when you have absolutely NO clue when or where He is going to come through next. nannying tomorrow and j comes back tomorrow night too! yay! i'm excited to get into the swing of things here.

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