Sunday, September 26, 2010

life in cinci.

so i've been trying to change the look of my blog, but i have realized i'm not very good at designing webpages even when they try to make it easy for you. so we'll see what happens. this is week number two of nannying and being down here. i feel like i'm settling into things and feeling less anxious about everything in general, which is a good thing for my well being, i tend to worry about too much. i've found a couple studio apartments that, although they are tiny, are within my price range and in nice areas. the one i am leaning towards is in hyde park and has GREAT areas around it to run in...which is something i really want, to be able to walk outside and just go for a run without driving anywhere. i think jordan may be sick of me talking about how the places i've looked at are good or aren't good for running in :)

i'm enjoying being able to hang out and do normal things with j! it's been so nice. we grilled out turkey burgers and grilled summer squash that we bought at a farmer's market was amazing! and we ran 9.5 miles this morning. we have been running a lot downtown across bridges and by the riverfront which has been beautiful! i'm so happy he's sticking it out with me and running a means a lot to me! i'm excited to start my second week with beautiful Adele, she is just so cute. is it possible to love her already and i've only been with her a a week?!

miss amber pagano, oops, i mean hildebrand, had baby Lily Anne this week and i'm just so stinkin excited for team hildebrand. she is absolutely beautiful and i'm so thankful she's here safely and is healthy. hooray for babies and the Lord's blessing of new life. it really is incredible how He creates new life and how He knows who these tiny little people inside and out even before they're born. i can't believe she's a mama...but she's going to be a fabulous mama and i can't wait to see Lily grow. she is so blessed. congrats you guys! love and blessings your way!

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