Tuesday, October 19, 2010


whooa, two posts in two days. i'm getting ambitious. the babe is sleeping and i wrote about this in my journal last night, so i thought i'd share. i'm a huge fan of written letters...notecards, cards, notes written on notebook paper, handmade cards, you name it, i love it. cards just to say hi, to say thank you, to say i love you, anything really. i like them so much first off because i am not good sometimes at verbalizing my feelings, but if you were ever inside my head, you would see how deeply and passionately i feel about certain things, and my family and friends are one of these main things...so for me, writing people cards and letters is something i feel i need to do to let people know how much i care about them. that's why i journal too...i have to get what i'm thinking in my head out. so since i'm not good at talking it outloud and just praying in my head doesn't cut it for me, i journal. a lot. it helps me keep sane, seriously. i'm on my 11th journal since i was 18! kind of cool! (and slightly embarassing to read back through them) i hope one day one i get married and have a family of my own, they will be a fun way to keep track of milestones. and someday, when i'm LONG gone, i'll give the OK from up above for my family to read them. not until then though.

getting cards from other people also means the world to me. more than an email and definitely more than a text. there is something about written words, something about the time that person took out of their day to write something down to give to you. there's a lot of power i think in that. i have kept so many cards from when i was young. i have all of my cards i received when i was having seizures. i have all the cards my great-grandma wrote me when we were penpals before she passed away. i have the one card my grandpa, pop, wrote me right before he passed away which he says i love you in. these cards and letters are some of my most treasured things i have. they remind me of people that care about me, refresh my memory of hard times i have gone through and all the support i had through those times and how the Lord has stood by me through it all as well. with today's technology, i think we so easily forget the power and importance a card or letter can have in someone's day.

so, turn off that TV and computer and write someone a letter! i guarantee it will make their day! they always make mine!

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