Monday, October 18, 2010

race weekend!

this past weekend was the columbus marathon and jordan, tee, tay and her friend nicole ran it with me! it was jordan, tee and nicole's first half ever and it was so exciting! the weather was perfect. minus feeling like i was going to pee my pants the first mile and the race being SO crowded (15,000 runners ran this), it was excellent! it just makes me so happy to see people do their first race and know that i convinced them to train for it. for someone who doesn't run to think about running 13.1 miles seems IMPOSSIBLE. but really, anyone can do it. i really believe that...well i mean, unless you have a bum knee or something that physically prevents you from running. it's a total mental game. but crossing that finishing line and realizing what you just accomplished is such an amazing feeling. i was so thankful though i got to finish at 13.1...for sure did not want to keep going this year. next year though, bring it on marathon!

i got to see my best friends on sunday too after the race, i knew colby and simi were coming, but addy surprised jordan and i! such a perfect surprise. i hate how we're all so far away, but am so thankful for those sweet reunions we get every so often, even if they are short lived. i feel so thankful to have such perfect friends in my life. a lot of people have told me that eventually you'll lose contact with your college friends, but i've never even thought of that as a possibility. they are stuck with me, and vise versa for a long, long time. i've been so blessed with friends.

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  1. I love the crossing-the-finish-line feeling. I'm looking forward to training for my next one :) Jess and I are both planning on doing the half next year!