Tuesday, March 23, 2010


so i've had a couple people pray over me the last couple of months that outpouring is coming into my life soon, that seasons are going to be changing. it has been cool to watch that play out and see it happen. i always have struggled with feeling peace and having patience. i feel like God's theme for my life is waiting. sometimes i get frustrated with this, but i've been learning to embrace it rather than push it away and through this i've been able to experience peace a lot more. go figure. i need things to be planned out for me, to know how things are going to play out and in what order, but the Lord doesn't work like that.

through my frustration though, i get attacked by the enemy convincing me of things that aren't true about God. like He doesn't really care that much about me, i'm not good enough for His favor, or He isn't going to come through for me. i just listened to a podcast about suffering, perserverance and sacrifice by Kris Vallotton (they are free on Itunes, download him!) and he said this:"don't changethe nature of God just because you don't understand." this is what i've been clinging to (that and His word of course) lately. remembering that He is good, the essence of who God is is love. i am learning to praise Him amidst my struggles and remember the grace i am given for today is enough. my life is relatively simple right now. i'm not married yet, i don't have huge financial burdens, no kids, so i am thankful i am learning how to find peace and perseverance now, so when i need it even more, i will be even more confident in Him and His goodness.

stay where you remain,
do not fall, do not fall.
something greater is on the way,
just hang on, try to hang on.
DCB 'the veil'


  1. LOOOOOOOOOOVE DCB. Saw him on Thursday and he was amazing!

  2. I KNOW. he is AMAZING in concert. do you have their new church music CD?