Friday, March 19, 2010


yuck, i hate interviews. i don't like the formality of them, i don't like how they make my insides feel before i step into the office/room where i will be interviewed and i don't like actually feeling my blood and adrenaline pumping through my veins, its creepy. i had an interview at akron city hospital yesterday. everyone keeps asking me how it went, but honestly i have NO clue. i felt OK about it after i left, but then starting freaking out last night because it was short that they just wrote me off pretty quickly. it was not super formal as i thought it would be which was nice, but not a lot of questions pertaining to my knowledge of being a clinical dietitian were asked. i hoped i put off that i was confident, because i was. but i just don't know. so please pray it went well. i got a great feeling about the hospital and its programs, and really think it would an awesome starting point.

i also got offered a job at american eagle (my lifelong dream!). ha not. i called to let the manager know i would have to wait until i heard back from this other interview and she said "well, that's why i asked why you wanted to work here,that's why i asked that in your interview. we really want people who want to work at american eagle with today's trends and if we're second on your list then i don't know if we can use you." REALLY?! come on. i have a college education, an internship AND im a registered dietitian, all of which she knows. i haven't gone through all of that to work at AE and know the "trends" of today AND make 7.30 an hour. so needless to say, i won't be sad if i call back next week and they don't offer me the job again.

before my interview i prayed that my interview would go well and asked for a peace either way-that if i get the job, that's awesome. but if i don't, that i might feel just a tiny bit of disappointment, but know that there is something else. i have no control over this and just hope that something about me stuck out over other candidates. for now i'm going to enjoy my weekend in c-town with jordan and his family and celebrating the twin's birthday on sunday! :)

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  1. aw, I'll be praying for you Megs :)

    when I was working at a restaurant in Phoenix, I had to have my "end of the year review" nonsense..where they asked if I had any aspirations to move up in the company (like supervisor, manager, something). my response was to laugh at them, and we moved on. they knew I was in school for criminal come on. I did NOT aspire to work in a restaurant my whole life..but I couldn't say that because clearly that was what they wanted for their lives!?