Friday, March 12, 2010


so i love running. i think most people know that. i've ran 4 half marathons and a full marathon and it is so incredibly addicting. if you are not a runner, i know what you are thinking..."you are crazy, it is not addicting and i detest running". (churchie maybe?! ha!) but really, it is addicting. now when i started running, i did hate it. i hated it with a fiery passion-just ask my roommate colby. my first half marathon was not the prettiest thing in the world and i was praising God when i got to stop and didn't want to run ever again. i cried during my full because i was beyond exhaustion and in pain and swore i wouldn't do another full for a long time.

, my running bug has set in again and i want to do a full this fall (not spring because was too cold to train early enough and b.i have NO money for an entry fee!). i think about every GOOD run i had while training last year, the feeling when i accomplished my first 20 mile run (and peed my pants! hehe), and how fun is was to discover the town i was living in (Troy, Mi) through my running. plus running for me is perfect God time. i stick some worship music on my ipod shuffle (lovingly given to me by jordan, best present EVER) and off i go. no one else but me, my feet and Him for however long i am out. i DO like to run sometimes with people, but i love that its such a good de-stressor and alone time. plus i got to watch my amazing little sister finish her first half and getting the running bug too which was almost better than finishing my full! i was SO proud.

i guess this post doesn't have much purpose, other than telling you how much i love running. i think it's important for everyone to have a healthy outlet such as running to de-stress. exercising does the body wonders. really.


  1. I'm working on it!! my second half is in 4 weeks and while I planned on it being MUCH better then the first one, it is not going to be the case. maybe the next one? Jesse told me he is going to not allow me to do any more (supposedly I get pretty grumpy a few days before the long runs..I don't believe this) but I just told him to forget that crap, but I did promise to never do another one while pregnant haha kind of I'd like to never do another one training in hills, but we'll see :)

  2. Hmm...thanks for calling me out there, Meggerz! You're lucky I love you and I'm super excited to see you are blogging again :)