Monday, March 29, 2010

good weekend.

i had a great weekend. jordan came and kept me company as half of my family is currently in Jamaica and left me home to dogsit. (i am getting paid though, so i'm somewhat ok with it ha) we celebrated our three year anniversary since it's this wednesday and we won't see each other. i made him one of my quilts and i'm pretty sure he liked it a lot! we went out to dinner saturday night in toledo and i found a fabulous pair of grey work pants at gap which i have been searching and searching for!

the only sucky part is the whole goodbye part. i am so incredibly sick of this long-distance stuff. going on two years of it now and it's just sort of annoying. it definitely has been a blessing being able to spend a week here and there with him and his family, but still...i can't wait to be in the same place. to do normal stuff together on a regular basis, like grocery shop, cook, take a walk, just have a regular relationship. until then...hooray for seeing each other on the weekends. someday...

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  1. I did the long distance thing, not nearly as long as you have, but you have my sympathy. for you guys to make it work this long is great, and living in the same area is fabulous. you can do it!